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The leading edge multi-channel revenue information resource in the nonprofit world. It is designed to be used by everyone in an organization that is involved in generating revenue. It is also designed to be user friendly and protects data integrity by blocking erroneous or unauthorized data input, and maintaining automatic logs of data changes by date, time and user.
  • manage and track all your revenue channels and the activities of all your various development staffs in a single system, with real-time views. store minute pieces of information that will help you identify your best prospects and be able to select lists based upon any single or multiple pieces of information in the system – in seconds – at your desktop or from the road.
  • eliminate embarrassing problems related to multiple fundraising teams targeting the same donor at the same time, one asking for $1000 and the others asking for $25-50.
  • optimize all your data to eliminate cost by eliminating duplication of effort and duplication of donor data.
  • have an information system crafted to fit all your needs without going through the time and expense of having a system built for you.