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DBCULTIVATOR 8 is the leading edge multichannel Donor Marketing and Donor Support resource in the nonprofit world. It is designed to be used by everyone in an organization that is involved in generating donations, raising funds and other forms of revenue. In its’ eighth generation, it is CLOUD-BASED and designed to be user friendly while offering powerful marketing and donor customer support and development features. With multiple security layers, it protects data integrity by blocking erroneous or unauthorized data input, and permanently recording data changes by date, time and user
  • Easy to use and no technical expertise required
  • Manage and track and report on all your revenue channels and the activities of all your various development staffs in a single system, with real-time views. It stores a plethora of information, that you define, that will help you identify your best prospects and be able to select lists based upon any single or multiple pieces of information in the system – in seconds – at your desktop or from the road.
  • Eliminate embarrassing problems related to marketing and fundraising teams targeting the same donor at the same time, one asking for $1000 and the others asking for $25.
  • Full reporting. We have been building and refining reports for over 30 years and you get the benefit of our experience. Users are free to use any and all reports in the system – that is over 70 reports – easy to use with simple user defined parameters chosen from drop down menus. If you want a few custom reports we can do those for you as well but most are very happy with the existing selection.
  • Optimize all your data to eliminate cost by eliminating duplication of effort and duplication of donor data. Having clean data will save thousands in marketing costs.
  • Have an information system crafted to fit all your needs without going through the time and expense of having a system built for you. That means we configure the system to your requirements. The system is feature rich and because it is there is little customization required so conversions focus mostly on configuration, speed and accuracy
  • We interface with your accounting software by using G/L code formatting to recognize revenue for every Appeal/ Segment/Insert and all other revenue types from Fundraising to Events.
  • The information in your database and any changes to it are permanently stored and recorded. Automatically, we record the date, time and username as well as the original information and the new information. This prevents duplication of effort and provides an additional level of security that helps maintain the integrity of the database.
  • Fully configurable to match your terminology and naming conventions
  • 100% of the information in your database can be searched
  • Our databases are always on with backups every 15 minutes