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Who will use it?

Managers – A dashboard of your preferred reports immediately populates your initial screen when you turn on the system and remains your home page as you work through the day and move from screen to screen. You have access to every piece of data in the system and the ability to monitor the activities of all your revenue channels. You can see all ticklers and scheduled tasks across your organization and have access to any new reports or queries generated by your staff.

Direct Marketing Staff – You are also greeted by a dashboard of your preferred reports. In this system you can plan and track your campaigns, pull queries, lists, counts and activity reports. Track data input by source and timestamp. Track donor follow up completion, including acknowledgement and premium fulfillment, when and by whom. Perform multilevel de-dupe and other maintenance operations. Every record has user defined attributes, including assignment of an extensive selection of flags. Data can be input by you, Oaktree or third party vendors directly or batched, however you desire.

Major Gift Staff – Your dashboard is also comprised of your selected reports and task lists. You can do selects and lookups based upon any data attribute in the system. communitEbuilder has full CRM capability including reminders, tasks, communications, notes and the ability to attach files to a record. It supports moves management, an extensive list of flag attributes and provides an automated update log that records any changes to a record. Gifts types range from individual to corporate, in-kind to bequests and planned to matching.

E-Marketing Staff – Like all of your counterparts your dashboard is of your preferred reports. System data can be flagged with your preferences and contact mode. Online donations can be fed by batch, XML packet or data entry, and you enjoy the full functionality included in all the user groups above.