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Oaktree Systems was founded in 1982. Our initial offering was a database - the first designed for Nonprofits to do direct mail fundraising on a PC platform. Early on we decided our clients knew more about what they needed than we did so we listened and built systems that met their needs and offered a platform that would support growth and expansion. That remains our core philosophy to this day. Over 30 years ago we began building high performance marketing databases that were designed with three goals in mind:

  • Enable deep data mining to optimize results of Marketing and Fundraising efforts
  • Provide thorough reporting and measurement of Marketing and Fundraising activities both individually and consolidated
  • Provide complete financial reporting and enable smooth interface with accounting software


As the needs of the market changed and nonprofits recognized there were many new revenue streams available to them through technology and new ways of thinking, our development goals changed and we added the following goals:
  • Provide a single fully integrated multi-channel database incorporating every conceivable source and type of donation, funds and grants. Each revenue component is individually and fully identifiable, reportable and available for analysis in addition to the single consolidated database being fully reportable and available for analysis.
  • Enable everyone in the organization to have immediate access to this information from anywhere they have connectivity
Over the years our clients have asked us to provide additional services to support their efforts and more important, to be there to either backup their internal efforts or in the case of small staffs or turnover, perform those duties using our in-house staff. Along the way we grew past our original mission and became a Full-Service Bureau, offering a complete outsource solution fully focused on the needs of Nonprofit Organizations