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For E-Commerce to be effective, it needs to be totally integrated with your direct marketing efforts. The same customer database should be used for E-Commerce, Direct Mail, Telemarketing and any other marketing efforts. The customer should be able to choose his or her preferred method of communications, purchasing or supporting your organization.

Oaktree's communitEbuilder product supports all our clients marketing programs including e-commerce functions. Our e-commerce solution goes well beyond the customer focused web-site. We handle all the backend processing necessary to build a successful web-based marketing plan.

Database segmentation is used to generate regular e-mail promotions to all customers expressing an interest in certain subjects or products. Each of our clients has access to a private, administrative web-site to monitor their marketing efforts. Each administrative web-site provides real-time reporting and e-commerce statistics.

Web-Site Development

Oaktree offers a full set of services to build a database oriented e-commerce web site. We also offer a full range of hosting options and have a creative agency available for graphical design and promotional opportunities

Order Processing

Our e-commerce order capture system is tied directly to Oaktree's real-time marketing and customer database to allow our clients to deal with customers professionally, comprehensively and accurately. A complete Web-based System that supports Mail, Fax, Phone or Internet Ordering is utilized and includes these features:
  • Comprehensive Pricing & Premium Functionality
  • Gift Order Processing
  • Automated Cross Promotion capabilities
  • Utilizes extensive Promotion & Finder key codes
  • Flexible Shipping options
  • E-mail order confirmation

Credit Card Processing

Oaktree offers full real-time and back office credit card processing and reconciliation functions. Our systems are integrated to insure that customers are not billed until shipment are executed.

A full set of reports track multiple types of credit cards and the status of each order's credit card information. All credit card information is encrypted and eventually deleted when the credit card function is completed successfully.

Web-based Administration

  • Customer Lookup
  • Accounting Reports
  • Inventory Management
  • Marketing Reports
  • Order Tracking
  • Fulfillment Tracking
  • Customer Service Management
  • E-Mail Alerts

Integrated Marketing Database

No matter how a customer interacts with our clients, the database is the essential tool that manages and executes the interaction with each customer. Oaktree integrates all of a client's customers and their relationships into a single database. This solution offers true personalized customer relationship management and sophisticated promotional opportunities. The database has a set of comprehensive customer profiles including: Interests, Purchase History, Appended Household Data and Survey Data.

Oaktree's integrated database allows clients with subscription, product fulfillment and fundraising businesses to utilize a single customer focused database to do all of their marketing promotions and response analysis; regardless of the customers preferred communication medium.