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Oaktree can improve the ability of our clients to honor the privacy concerns of its customers and still build a comprehensive list rental business. By having all list rental data integrated in to a single source, we can assure that customer privacy requests will be honored immediately upon receipt. We will work closely with our clients to comply with every aspect of the new federal laws regarding privacy.

Oaktree has just released it's new web-based List Rental Management Systems for direct mailers and list brokers. The system utilizes the Internet for every aspect of the process. Oaktree has built a web interface for the processing of all list orders. The site will provide real-time counts of various list statistics that will enable our client's list brokers to improve its list rental business.

Web-based Management

Oaktree has completely automated the List Rental management business to take full advantage of the Internet. Every step of the process; list counts, order submission, order tracking and order fulfillment is managed by a common web site. List Owners, List Buyers and List Brokers interact in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Real-Time List Statistics

Oaktree's SQL based database allows List Brokers the ability to quickly define selection criteria and get count results in seconds. Queries of List exceeding 5,000,000 names all give results in under 20 seconds

The List selection criteria are extensive and includes the following:
  • Zip Tapes
  • Last Activity Date
  • Product Type
  • Household Data
  • States
  • Sex
  • Multi-Buyers
  • Previous Orders

List Processing

Oaktree's web-based order database allows users to enter and reuse mailer and vendor information over and over. This speeds up the process of submitting order and insures rapid and accurate fulfillment.

The database also provides a full history of all previous orders and has an automated order report for billing and tracking.

E-Mail Alerts

When an order is entered, a series of e-mail alerts are triggered during each phase of production. Alerts are transmitted to user specified e-mail addresses for each of the following:
  • New Orders
  • Order Released
  • Order Approved
  • Order Shipped

Order Fulfillment & Tracking

A comprehensive Order tracking and Fulfillment system is available to track orders by mailer, product type, date and quantity mailed.

A queue of pending orders and their current status is always displayed upon entry into the tracking module.