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Oaktree Systems offers complete Data processing services including List Hygiene, Merge/Purge and Postal Sortation functions that utilize the latest industry technology to save you time and money.

Address Hygiene

Oaktree Systems helps you go to market with the cleanest lists possible. Our unique Address Hygiene System is designed to reduce your total undeliverable mail. which saves you money and increases your total number of responses. Our standard processing includes: address correction and standardization; ZIP+4 coding; National Change of Address (NCOA) processing; Delivery Sequence File (DSF); Locatable Address Conversion System (LACS).


Identifying duplicates is one of the easiest ways to reduce in-the-mail costs. Oaktree Systems provides low-cost, highly customizable and fast merge/purge processing.

Unique features and quality controls:
  • Verify quantities for each file received
  • Verify data fields for each file received
  • USe of CASS certification to verify reliability of files
  • Segment, split, Nth and drop records using any combination of available variables
  • Mix business and consumer addresses in the same processing sequence
  • Carry out list priorities
  • Customize matching logic for each list within the merge
  • Verify zip score modeling
  • Research lists of names never to be mailed
  • Create detailed merge/purge and package code reports to provide statistics on outgoing files
  • Omit records using DMA Pander, Social Security deceased file and your own suppression files

Postal Presort

  • Postal automation
  • Destination entry at multiple facilities
  • Multi_line address parsing
  • Firm bundling
  • Segmented mailings
  • Multiple version or editions