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Since we currently provide these services for our database clients they are also available to any new nonprofit clients:
  • Data entry: We are equipped to provide data entry services to lockbox/caging clients by either entering into your database or a spreadsheet
  • Data Hygiene: Primarily making changes to donor records as opposed to adding information
  • Data Append: In this case we are agents for the known data append providers but we format the data received from them to your needs rather than you spending hours trying to figure it out. For our clients we take the appended file and add it to the records in your database.
  • Data Cleanup, major: Dirty, improperly formatted and mismatched data can cost you thousands of dollars in wasted mail costs, not to mention dramatically reduce the effectiveness of any data mining you may have done for list selection. We can take the raw data and make sure all of it is put into the proper fields.
  • De-Dupes: Online donations can be as much a scourge as a blessing because they can bloat the size of your database and throw all your financial data off. The reason? When a donor enters information on an online donation page and they are already in your database they seldom enter the information as it currently exists in your database. They use shortcuts, abbreviations and other mismatched information. Your database almost never recognizes that this donor already exists and will invariably create a new donor record. If they do it again the same thing will happen. We have seen databases shrink by 25-50% once de-duped if donors use online donations frequently.
  • Data Conversions and Consolidations: While we always do data conversions and data consolidations for new database clients we can do it for you if you choose an off the shelf database product. A data consolidation is a merging of different databases into a single database. Data consolidations in our databases allow for the data history to identify the separate databases if you would like to extract that data at some point in the future.
  • NCOA Processing