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First a simple question – Are you in the business of fundraising or are you in the data management business?

Of course you are in the business of fundraising, but put this in perspective. Your organization is in a building. Did you build it? Do you manage it? Do you provide utilities to it or service it? The answers are probably no, there are specialized companies that do that for you.

We are a specialized company that provides organizations like yours with a powerful CRM system married to a state of the art database system. We own the system but you own the data. You have 24/7 secure Web access to it from anywhere you can access a computer and the internet.

Our systems are housed in a secure facility with a backup power generator and multiple broadband in/out channels. If our utility power feed goes down we can operate indefinitely on our generator. If a broadband line goes down we switch to others.

In addition to our always up mode there are numerous other advantages to our model:
  • There is no software or hardware to buy
  • You do not need staff people with special technical expertise
  • When we improve the system you get the benefit but not the cost
  • Our system will probably have more features than you want but when you do develop the need they are already there with no incremental cost to use
  • If you experience turnover problems, you will not skip a beat because our client service team is there to help you bridge the gap. Remember they work with you every day and learn how you operate.
  • If you move or add operations in different locations everyone will be able to access the same system at the same time and you will not need some special network to do that.